Business partnerships 

Business partnerships are extremely important for our community.  We have two major organizations in our district, St. Joseph Hospital and Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus.  Recently, Georgia Southern University along with the State of Georgia opened up its new Waters College of Health Professions, a $37 million dollar project.  This new facility is a state of the art building for a program that is partnered with local medical facilities.  This will bring in more students and residents to our area.  We must keep existing businesses thriving in our district and attract new business to house in our buildings and suites that are vacant. I will work with building and property owners to attract businesses to the area.  I will actively seek out businesses to fill our empty spaces.​

 I have the education and experience to be the voice of our district.  I have made a life of placing others before myself.  I believe in servant leadership and I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak with all of you!  When you cast your vote this November, please remember that you aren’t voting for a person, a party, or a platform.  You are voting for yourself and a great community.  You are voting for ethics, integrity, values and honesty.  You are voting for your children, your parents, your grandparents, and your neighbor.  We will progress as a community while never forgetting our past.  We will maintain that spirit of tradition, preservation, and community.  We will be blessed as a city as we are not just neighbors, but we are a community family.


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