Combatting Crime

Crime is no stranger to the City of Savannah.  I will strive to build partnerships between the police and the community.  We must take an active role of being involved and practicing community policing.  Block parties are important and are vital to the success of combatting crime and learning about our community.  This also provides youth with an opportunity for recreation and involvement.  Identifying communities in need will allow us to reallocate more resources to those areas. Police need community support and vice versa.  I have a great working relationship with our local law enforcement and leaders.  

 I have the education and experience to be the voice of our district.  I have made a life of placing others before myself.  I believe in servant leadership and I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak with all of you!  When you cast your vote this November, please remember that you aren’t voting for a person, a party, or a platform.  You are voting for yourself and a great community.  You are voting for ethics, integrity, values and honesty.  You are voting for your children, your parents, your grandparents, and your neighbor.  We will progress as a community while never forgetting our past.  We will maintain that spirit of tradition, preservation, and community.  We will be blessed as a city as we are not just neighbors, but we are a community family.


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