Kurtis Purtee

I was born and raised in Michigan for much of my young adult life.  While in middle school and high school, I was a dairy farmer.  Once I graduated, I attended school for Criminal Justice and entered into law enforcement at the early age of 19.  I completed my Associate Degree in Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement.  I moved to Savannah, Georgia when in 2005 where I took another police job.  It wasn’t long before I became a detective with that agency and then became the supervisor over investigations.  During this time, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.  I was promoted after some time to the rank of Patrol Sergeant. In 2015, I took another police job as a Lieutenant for another agency.  About two years into that job, two agencies merged into one and I was promoted to the rank of Captain.  I still work for that agency in that role today and have the privilege to be part of the Savannah community.  In December of 2018, I received my Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from Georgia Southern University.  During the time of my studies, I have had the opportunity to discuss crime issues with city leaders and those in the criminal justice system.  I had the opportunity to be a part of Revitalize Flint, Michigan, a city who once boasted the second most dangerous city in the U.S., according to FBI statistics.  With local businesses, restructuring of the police department and resources, along with community involvement, Flint has dropped its numbers in violent crime and seen economic growth in the downtown area.  One of the areas of study that I was involved in was the impact of mental health on the community and how we can better manage our resources to meet the needs of all of our community members. 


During my law enforcement career, I have worked diligently in the area of community policing to build partnerships between the police and the community.  I made it a point to visit senior centers, local neighborhoods, and businesses to hear the concerns of our citizens.  Through community involvement, active police participation, and block parties, we were able to effectively combat crime with the resources that we were given.  I participated in youth activities and programs in order to reach out to our youth in the community.  A lot of our youth came from poverty-stricken homes and broken families.  Youth needed a sense of belonging and a place for recreation as well as educational experiences.  Not only does this help the youth in our community, but this also acts as a crime deterrent for them.  I will work diligently with local churches and law enforcement to deter gun violence and educate youth on the consequences of such violence.

I want to see Savannah grow and prosper.  My family worked hard and instilled in me that sense of hard work and honesty.  I come from a family of farmers, military members, blue collar workers, business owners, and police officers.  I am an active member of Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church in Savannah, where I serve on the Safety Ministry.  As members of this community, you deserve a person who will bring ethics, integrity, values, and honesty to District 6 of Savannah.  Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to be a candidate for this position!

 I have the education and experience to be the voice of our district.  I have made a life of placing others before myself.  I believe in servant leadership and I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak with all of you!  When you cast your vote this November, please remember that you aren’t voting for a person, a party, or a platform.  You are voting for yourself and a great community.  You are voting for ethics, integrity, values and honesty.  You are voting for your children, your parents, your grandparents, and your neighbor.  We will progress as a community while never forgetting our past.  We will maintain that spirit of tradition, preservation, and community.  We will be blessed as a city as we are not just neighbors, but we are a community family.


T: 912-712-6923​

E: Kurtispurtee@gmail.com


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